Love Unique Decor?

Distinctive, timeless, and cozy, our blankets are hand finished and feature vivid color palettes, making a statement in any room.

  • Traditional Production: No Fast Fashion

    From wool selection, to carding, combing, and spinning, through dyeing and weaving, our products are lovingly handmade by artisans. Cotton and wool have been used to make fabric for 5000-7000 years.

  • Green Shopper? No Microplastics

    Petroleum-based synthetic/plastic fibers like nylon, acrylic, and polyester, break down into microplastics, polluting our environment. We are committed to being a sustainable brand. Our blankets are made from all natural, biodegradable materials - we only use carefully selected 100% Merino wool from Europe, or sustainable-sourced 100% pure cotton from Turkey.

  • Happy Sheep, Soft Merino

    We partner with small farms throughout Europe to provide the best quality merino wool from sheep that are raised in humane conditions. Merino is well known as being the softest wool.

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Customers Speak!

"Favorite Blanket - It is warm, soft and beautiful!!" - Lisa

"GORGEOUS! Amazing colors, weave, wool texture, edging, long and short fringes (short fringes are blue and gold running the length on each side)! Impeccable overall craftsmanship. These throws will keep us warm and snug for generations. The Service and Support offered by Ashley and Kris was phenomenal! They found and connected true craftsmanship to people looking for exceptional quality and ancient skills. I am deeply grateful." - Catherine

"I purchased an Asterlark blanket after doing hours of research for a wool blanket. I am so happy I chose this one! I'm all about comfort, style, and quality and this is it. Another reason I chose this company is that their products are sustainably produced and they work with women-owned businesses - all of which I highly value!" - Lauren