Onyx and white cotton throw draped across a charcoal sectional

5 Ways to Style Throws in the Home (Photo Examples)

Throw blankets are a great way to cozy up the home, add pattern and texture, and bring a pop of color to an otherwise boring room. Many people ask us how to style throws into their homes, and the answer is there are tons of ways! Here are a few of the various things you can do:

The Crumple

If you are going for the relaxed bohemian look, simply crumple your throw over the back or arm of a chair or couch. This looks especially chic if the throw is laying with some diagonals to break up the straight lines of your space.


In the bedroom, a throw tossed over the foot of the bed makes the room feel casual and inviting. The key to the crumple is to not overthink it!

The Fold

For a more clean, structured look, a blanket neatly folded lengthwise can be draped over your seating as above. There is a little more opportunity to play around with this arrangement. Does your throw look better centered on the seat back or placed closer to one edge? Try draping to the front of the seat, letting the fringe hang off or just reaching to the seat.


On a bed, the folded throw can be placed in a variety of ways - across the foot of the bed, near the top of the bed, or even vertically to one side.

Other Options

If you just can’t get the right drape, throws always look lovely rolled and placed standing in a basket. You can also find or build a simple ladder (like our recent tutorial), on which to hang your blankets. Another exciting look is a rolled throw tucked near the arm of a seat or in the center of a sofa, much like a bolster pillow. You can even double up looks with the bolster as in the image at the top of this post!

We hope this helps you style your new throw. If you have any further questions, we’d love to help you out! Just reach out through our Contact Us page.

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