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About Us

Our Story

While traveling in Europe in 2018, we discovered woven blankets and scarves in stunning colors and patterns. We wanted to buy something similar when we returned home, but when we looked for the same sort of unique items, we couldn't find anything like we'd seen while traveling. Most of the products we found looked the same, and we noticed just how many were made with petroleum-based synthetic fibers (polyester, acrylic, and nylon). These fibers shed microplastics that pollute the environment and don't biodegrade.

We made it our mission to offer distinctive, heirloom quality products, sustainably produced from natural sources. We've partnered with woman-run businesses to manufacture and sell Portuguese Merino wool, and cotton throws that you're sure to cherish! 


- Ashley and Kris


Selection, Production, and Sustainability

Our wool comes from small, independent farms in southern Portugal that are members of ANCORME, an association dedicated to preserving Merino sheep. Accordingly, the animals are well cared for, without mulesing, and shearing is performed by hand (as opposed to machines). The wool is hand selected, products are hand-finished, and are woven on reclaimed looms from the 60's and 70's. Since sheep regrow their fleece annually, wool is a renewable resource.

Our sustainable sourced cotton is primarily from Turkey, and we purposefully use surplus and remnant cotton from apparel production facilities. To reduce our environmental footprint regarding water use, captured rainwater is used in the finishing (washing) process for our products.