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Making better choices about the products we use in life was one of the founding principles behind Asterlark. That's why we didn't compromise on less expensive fibers, offering only 100% natural fiber blankets that won't contribute microplastic waste to our environment, and which use certified dyes. We consider sustainability in every decision we make, from new product development, to packaging, to shipping, and we will continue to seek ways to reduce waste as we mature our operations and learn about trade-offs. 
"The perfect is the enemy of the good"
While we will strive to continuously improve, we understand that achieving perfection may be impossible, whether due to supplier practices, manufacturing technology, or final cost. This is not a cop out for making what we think is the best decision at the time, but an admission that we cannot become so focused on perfect sustainability choices that we cease to be able to achieve our mission of offering unique yet sustainable decor and homewares. 
With that in mind, we offer the following sustainability information regarding the resources we use:

Product packaging

  • Boxes - Recyclable corrugated cardboard sourced in the USA with the highest recycled content available. 
  • Tissue paper - These come poly wrapped and are 70% recycled content (60% industrial, 10% consumer). Sourced in the USA. As we exhaust our current supply we will seek to replace these with an improved option.
  • Paper bags - Made from 100% recycled content sourced in the USA.
  • Packaging tape - Recyclable water activated paper tape made from kraft paper.
  • Brand sticker - Our current stickers are vinyl based. We've identified a plastic-free sticker supplier that we will work with once our current stock is depleted.
  • Tissue paper tape - Our tissue paper tape and tape dispenser are both plastic free, with the latter being made from stone and wood. The tape itself is cellulose.
  • Poly wrap (plastic) - We previously mailed products in a poly bag to protect them from weather during transport. We've currently ceased this practice and are monitoring the impact on product integrity. Products delivered by Amazon are still poly-bagged due to Amazon requirements and product protection. We currently use 100% recycled bags for that. 


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